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Jan 1, 2023
Hello everyone,
I need help with resurrecting the above phone model. After updating it via Samsung Switch, it 'magically' stopped receiving network recognition but it could sense the SIM card's network operator. I tried dialing some numbers and it said "Not registered on the network". I ran to the internet through various forums. I have been re-flashing STOCK ROM and i was getting PASS; still no good came out. I tried custom ROMs, same thing. NOW suddenly i got an efs/ failed to mount. How can i resurrect my baby? All i have about the phone is:

AP: G925FXXU6EVG4 (Build number) - NDR90M
CP: G925FXXU6ERF5 (Baseband version)
CSC: G925FXXU6EVG4 (Country version) - 02U
IMEI - 350079532255635/02
IMEI SV - 02
SN - RF8G610C1MN

The stock ROMs i have downloaded so far are:

1. Samfw.com_SM-G925F_O2U_G925FXXU6EVG4_fac.zip (stock ROM based on the last successful booting ROM; after updating via Samsung Switch)
2. Samfw.com_SM-G925F_O2U_G925FXXU6ERG1.zip

I have these in place:
- Samsung S6 Series EFS Backup Restore Tool v1.0 By Jamesjerss.exe (which i used prior; to get an efs.img before my phone got messed up (a 20Mb file was created). Is that the backed up EFS?
- Odin Odin3_v3.14.4
- CF-Auto-Root-zerolte-zeroltexx-smg925f.zip
- twrp-3.3.1-0-zerolte.img.tar and twrp-3.3.1-0-zerolte.img (i wonder the difference although the internet says i use .tar with Odin)
- SR5-SuperSU-v2.82-SR5-20171001224502.zip

Now, the stock ROM stops on the RECOVERY MODE with efs/ failed to mount, and when i try the custom ROM, it stops on SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 Edge. In all recovery modes, good enough my PC detects my phone's internal storage. I need to get this device to work, people.

Someone help with with a step by step tutorial, please. I am a fast learner

PS Am not a tech student or anything, am just a person who reads stuff on the internet although i understand some basic stuff on tech
Yeah, i tried and i got no help


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so a couple of things you should not be goiing back and forth with firmware updates(stock roms) and custom roms. just use your custom recovery(twrp) to flash things. if you want to update the phone, all you would have needed to do is flash a custom rom that has the update included in it. also you need to learn to make nandroid backups. these are complete backup of your phone. its kind of like a save point in a game. if you messed (kind of like what you are in now), you can just go into twrp and restore a nandroid backup and it will be like nothing happened.

going back and forth like that you risk of putting your phone in weird states. i would see if you can get twrp back and flash a custom rom. once you do that, than i would immediately make a nandroid backup. the backup is saved on your sd card. i would also keep a copy of it on your computer as well.
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