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[FREE] Mountain Spring Live Wallpaper


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Oct 22, 2014
Mountain Spring Live Wallpaper


Feel the breath of spring wind, setting the 3D live wallpaper.


Spring in the mountains, what could be more beautiful? Wakes nature after winter hibernation, every bush, every blade of grass stretching to the warm spring sunshine. Awake and mountain lake and enjoys the reflection of trees on the crystal clear water. Wakes up all around, and with it, and the belief that all will be well!


- Automatic background change over time;
- Animated sky and clouds;
- Dynamic display of the sky in the lakes;
- Moving 3D background;
- Great balloons;
- Glowing stars and Perseids;
- User-friendly menu;
- Saves battery;
- Full HD texture;
- 3D parallax;

@AlisonT is there anyway to turn off the scrolling in the works? I'm using the PRO version.
Hello, dontpanicbobby , you can change the scrolling speed (the number of scrolling screens), on the "customizable scrolling" tab. You can also link the number of scrolling screens to the number of desktops, for this uncheck the box "set custom scrolling". But on Samsung devices, this action will disable scrolling completely.
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A Major New Update v.2.0.0:

1) WE OPEN PRO options! Now previously inaccessible settings can be opened!
2) Added new backgrounds and animations;
3) Added sounds of nature and nightingale singing;
4) New scrolling system - click and drag;
5) Added the ability to invert and completely disable 3D parallax;
6) Optimized application size and increased perfomance;
7) Added button "Settings" in the start menu;
8) New scaling system;

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acs.mountainspring.free
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