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Free vacuum/air raid siren


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May 9, 2017
It's a Bissell Powerbroom Helix Rewind with Onepass Technology, in a fetching slightly grayish blue. Thank goodness I had earmuffs right at hand, and I could see the junk swirling in the clear barrel. A friend of mine says the noise is probably because the cover fell off the fan motor or maybe it just needs cleaning. What do you think?
Most modern vacuums are designed to be mostly maintenance free. Not to say they don't need cleaned and such. The fan motor missing its cover immediately becomes a suspect for the excessive noise. It likely would shield some of the motor noise but I'm guessing the cover was to keep the motor clean. I doubt the motor has any points to lubricate but once cleaned I would make certain of that. If there are places to apply oil.. it should happen. Cleaning and then keeping it clean is the ticket. If there are gears they should be lightly greased. If there is a belt in the vacuum you need to make certain it's in good shape and running true.

I think this is a link to your vacuum's owner manual. https://manualsbrain.com/en/manuals/806451/
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