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Wallpaper Active contains a set of animated and parallax wallpapers, to make your phone look more awesome and unique. The app contains several landscapes and weather themed backgrounds, rendered with parallax and animations. Best of all, it is free to use. No advertisements or in-app purchases.



Why this wallpaper app?
  • Free, no adds
  • Updated with new content and features
  • Working together with artists for creating HQ content

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Thank you! We keep our promise to update it as often as possible. Did you like it? Do you have any suggestions to improve it? We're happy to listen to your feedback.
Sure how about a button to change and slow down the rainfall wall paper, and able to modify the colors of each wall paper...
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Dear Milo, thank you for providing such feedback! Can you point out the following for us:
- Does it happen with one specific background?
- Does this only happen in portrait modus?

Thanks! We will look into this issue as soon as possible.
The one with the grass and midnight shades, and also the ones with the sky dromes, (I think that one as well.) and several others too, real portrait on my Moto edge plus..
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Hey Milo, thanks again! We've tested it with various phones now: Samsung Galaxy S7, S20, Motorola G8 Power and the first Wiko. But none of the phones could reproduce the issue you've described. I do have a hunch where this problem could occur and have a few questions:

When you take the first wallpaper shown in the menu and set is as background:
- Does the wallpaper move around when you move with your phone? Or does it move very fast?
- Could you place a screenshot on the forum to show the issue?

Thanks for all the help!
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No, thank you! You're helping more than most users on this forum. I'm really grateful for every bit of information you've given us. There are so many phones on the market, and so many reasons an App could crash... It is hard to cover all of them.
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