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  1. Alex FHN


    Mimiland is a modern take on game of fifteen with a storyline, many different levels, quests and more. Your goal is to arrange the tiles in order and assemble the whole picture by moving tiles into the empty space. You can only move tiles that are adjacent to the empty space, which requires...
  2. RASelkirk

    Looking for a FREE lightweight texting app

    Hi All, Went from an LG G6 to a Samsung A54 over T-Mobile, the factory messaging app sucks! DL'ed a half dozen off Play Store so far, some look good but all have very intrusive ads. My LG factory app was perfect enough that I tried to "APK it" in there, obviously a no-go. I don't really want my...
  3. U

    Pdf Scanner without any ads and without hidden costs for premium access

    I want to develop an Pdf Scanner without any ads and without hidden costs for premium access. Is there any easy/quick method so as to not reinvent the wheel?
  4. S

    Best (free) cleanup program for LG Rebel (LML212VL)

    Hi, What is the best cleanup program for this phone? Any suggestions are appreciated. ... john
  5. Z

    Puzzle Breakers Match 3 RPG MOD APK Latest version 17.4.3 (Unlocked) Free Download for Android

    Puzzle Breakers Match 3 RPG MOD APK: An Epic Adventure Into Legendary PvP Battles and Ferocious Creatures Are you ready for a thrilling adventure filled with match 3 puzzles, famous PvP battles, and violent clan wars? Welcome to Puzzle Breakers, the ultimate match 3 RPG game that will keep you...
  6. P

    [FREE][GAME] Dodge Race Ball published

    Dodge Race Ball is a hellishly difficult casual game for hardcore gamers. Change the perspective of the camera to avoid the obstacles and win the tournament. Will you cry? Probably... Will you enjoy it? If you master it, probably you will... Download it from Google Play Store or Apple App...
  7. AlisonT

    [APP] Mountain Landscape Wallpaper - the best live wallpaper 2023?

    Mountain Landscape Wallpaper Experience the breathtaking beauty of live wallpapers that bring stunning mountain landscapes to life on your screen. Mountain Landscape Live Wallpapers immerse you in the serene beauty of heavenly landscapes, where the grandeur of mountains and the depth of...
  8. AlisonT

    Mountain Landscape Wallpaper

    Mountain Landscape Wallpaper Experience the breathtaking beauty of live wallpapers that bring stunning mountain landscapes to life on your screen. Mountain Landscape Live Wallpapers immerse you in the serene beauty of heavenly landscapes, where the grandeur of mountains and the depth of...
  9. D

    [APP][FREE] RadioTime - Listen to Worldwide Radio Stations

    RadioTime is a super simple app for listening to radio stations around the world. Listen to music anytime and anywhere on your phone or in the car. It's free to use, and doesn't require you to create an account! Here's why you should try out RadioTime: Material You design Background playback...
  10. Dreamai

    [FREE][APP] Dreamai - AI Art Generator

    Hey! Just released my first android app. If you decide to try it, please let me know what you think. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks and hope you guys enjoy it! :D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamai.aiartgenerator Bring your ideas to life with the power of...
  11. H

    Hotspot Switch IP - Change IP for free

    What is Hotspot Switch IP? This is an app that allows you to change your public IP by turning on/off Airplane mode. Also, the application has a convenient web server, which allows you to check phone characteristics, IP address, battery level and even read incoming SMS from. Features The IP...
  12. fast tap

    New Android Game (Free) - Bubble Tap

    Hi all, Introducing our new game, Bubble Tap! Each mode has a different duration and the goal is to tap as many bubbles as you can. Use the collected bubbles to buy boosts and avatars from shop. Our Modes Team: You can play online with a friend of yours (send him/her an invitation). Ranking...
  13. O

    WOW: WordLee Word Game Offline

    Try this guys... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordlee.wow.crossword.wordgame.aword.wowwordgame Do you have any comment?
  14. Fatbomb

    [Free] Hah - palindrome puzzles (50 x Instant Pictures - $1.99)

    MOM, DAD, SIS - the list can continue... Some words are special. They read the same from either side. Play the game instantly here: Hah: palindrome puzzles - Apps on Google Play
  15. Thomas Kreidl

    Sleepest - Smart alarm clock

    Hello Community, Together with two fellow students I have developed the app Sleepest. The app Sleepest defines a new kind of alarm clock. An intelligent alarm clock which can wake up users after a desired sleep duration within a wake-up period. The sleep is analyzed and the person is woken up...
  16. Six dots Software

    [Free] Wallpaper Active

    Wallpaper Active contains a set of animated and parallax wallpapers, to make your phone look more awesome and unique. The app contains several landscapes and weather themed backgrounds, rendered with parallax and animations. Best of all, it is free to use. No advertisements or in-app purchases...
  17. Kupferrot

    Squared - Adjacent Stones

    Hello you wonderful people, I hope you are having a great day. I just released my latest game called , Squared - Adjacent Stones , for Android and IOS. (I know this is an android forum, but I leave you the IOS link below as well) Squared - Adjacent Stones - Apps on Google Play Squared -...

    [FREE][GAME]The Most Unique Endless Runner You've Ever Played... PROTECTILE

    Hi pals! I've created an endless runner, where instead of the obstacles being walls you dodge... they're lasers and bullets that fly at you from multiple angles! You must draw walls to protect your character, collect powerups, and destroy bullets! Gameplay/Trailer Video: Google Play...
  19. Max1606

    [NEW GAME] Flappy Chick: Dodge the Danger!! V1.1

    Flappy Chick - It is an Arcade game and easy to play anytime & anywhere with endless gameplay! Discover a fun adventure with Flappy Chick now! Let your chick flap the wings through awesome locations, and enjoy exciting things in this journey. Fly your chick with flappy type, tap to flap and fly...
  20. J

    New App: Free Money Crypto Faucets (Version 3.0.9)

    Hello Everyone Want to earn Crytpocurrency every Hour!! Premium web browser that allows you to earn cryptocurrency every hour while surfing your favorite websites!! Win up to $300 worth of tokens every hour. INSTANT WITHDRAWALS and very low minimum threshold. Get 50% of what your referrals...
  21. Six dots Software

    [Scary] Ghost hunter game - animal spectrum

    Hello Android gamers, Does anything spook you out? Well, try this new free game. Humans are interested in unexplainable events since the dawn of time. Spirits are described in the oldest manuscripts from Japan, like the Yokai. This ghost hunting simulator allows you to experience what a ghost...
  22. Stickrunningsupreme

    Super Boxing Championship! - A 2D Physics Based Boxing Simulation Action Game

    Knock out your foes using a full body physics interaction system with simulated weight and collision! Brawl against an infinite number of random opponents of all skill levels and backgrounds. Earn cash to unlock items such as outfits, hairstyles, and emotes! Battle in an exhibition match or...
  23. Clandes

    [APP] [FREE] Wit - Workout Interval Timer

    Introducing Wit - Workout Interval Timer Hello, at Oumuamua Apps, have developed a Workout Interval Timer for Android. It is free (no ads) Here is the Google Play link if you want to check it directly. The main reason of developing this app was that we couldn't find any similar interval...
  24. Six dots Software

    [free] Alpy - your GPS altitude meter

    Alpy - your GPS Altitude meter ⛰️ Alpy, the digital altimeter is a simple but elegant app for measuring your altitude. It is the perfect Android app for people who likes climbing, hiking, cycling or any other outdoor activity, without the use of internet. So even when you are offline, you'll...
  25. Six dots Software

    UPDATE for Babbly App

    Hi guyzzzz, We have a new update of our lovely app Babbly! Are you into dating, gossips, small talk, chit chats or deep conversations? Babbly got you covered. Babbly provides more than 500 triggering questions in a bottle, which are suitable for any kind of situation. A question will be...