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[FREE][GAME]The Most Unique Endless Runner You've Ever Played... PROTECTILE

Hi pals!


I've created an endless runner, where instead of the obstacles being walls you dodge...

they're lasers and bullets that fly at you from multiple angles!

You must draw walls to protect your character, collect powerups, and destroy bullets!

Gameplay/Trailer Video:
Google Play Store Link (free, in-obtrusive ads) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lrs.protectile

Drop any feedback either in the comments, here, the ratings, etc.

Take care!
-Developer Doge/SUPER_JERK


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Thanks so much!

Popping back in here to let you guys know, that of course, I've patched the game! (Many times in fact :oops: , maybe more times than I intended to)

I've wrote an announcement blog post over at itch.io! Check it out for some more info about the game https://developer-doge.itch.io/prot...-most-unique-endless-runner-youve-ever-played !

Finally, I'll be coming out with a post mortem, covering many of my oopsies! Believe me, there were many!

If you guys are also interested, definitely follow me on twitter,

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