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Free wifi calling overseas to US? VOIP SIP?

I have been searching around this forum for days now and still cant find a way to make this work. I am leaving for costa rica and will be gone for a month. I would like to have a way to make and receive calls via wifi for free to US numbers. I dont know a bunch about VIOP and SIP but have read so much about it on here. I've finally given up and had to ask. Sorry my brain hurts and I know people have to be doing this. I have a Moto defy running 2.2 froyo.

Any help is very much appreciated!
I'm not sure how it will work for overseas calling, my assumption is that it will work the same no matter where you are. I use VOIP over Wifi and 3g everyday. Take a look at Groove IP Lite (Free in the market) and Talkatone (also free). Either will allow you to make and receive calls over wifi. Use of Google Voice and an account are a requirement for both of these to work though.
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