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Help Friends Battery Life Suddenly Crap


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Nov 24, 2010
Southern California
I got an Optimus M right after Christmas, and a friend got one about 2 weeks later (based on my recommendation). No problems until about a week ago when her battery is suddenly done by noon. She went to the Metro PCS tech center (whatever it's called), waited for 90 minutes, and was told "that's normal". Yeah, bullsh*t...

She's about ready to punch me, and/or take hostages. (She actually wants her old phone back--the one that was JUST a phone and would hold a charge for 3 days...)

I asked her to check the battery usage screen, and tell me the results--but she said it was blank. (!?!) Could the battery just be a dud, or is there something else that could be going on? She hasn't done any customizing or other modifications to the phone...

I can go from Chump to Hero, here, with your help...
There are plenty of reason why the battery is going dead, It sounde like she probably has to many apps running I would suggest going to the market and grabbing a battery app i use Battery Doctor , It works well for me it will show you battery info , tasks , and it gives you a settings option for tweaking.

There might be something better but I find it does the job and its free.
You could also switch the battery with yours for the day to rule out a faulty battery,
Its probably not likely but you never know.

She probably just needs to kill some processes and make some adjustments like turn of wifi , blue tooth ,auto sync ect. adjusting the screens brightness will help a lot, you can also turn off background data.

The more prosseses running the more power it needs to consume.
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this things happening to me too guy

yesterday i when to my job and theres no signal inside the building

so i went out on my break and make 2 calls like 5 min in those 2 calls and 2 hrs later when i came to my lunch the phone was dead

happening to me yesterday

what the heelll

wifi off blutooth off app running checke in the morning before go to work to kill thos dont need running

wha happend to this phone

maybe lg need to respond that going to contact them
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Dudes, you may have saved my ass, BIG TIME! Although she and I only live about 15 miles apart; you'd think I'd be having the same battery problems... Hmmm.

She's been watching her battery levels closely today, and today has been a good day. The only change she made was turning off her "watery" wallpaper. We're meeting for dinner so I can check all her settings, etc.

We'll have to keep an eye on it over the next few days, see if it resolves itself...
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Copy and Pasted directly from MetroPCS's Terms and Conditions

MetroPCS takes no responsibility for Service interruptions or problems caused by factors beyond our control. Any statements by MetroPCS, its employees, representatives or agents about the coverage of our system are intended only to describe MetroPCS' approximate coverage in your service area. You should not interpret any such statement to mean that Service will be available or without interruption in any service area.
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mine now working 100% battery all day full

i just unroot the phone and try to put like default restore like factory to return the phone just 1 month with it

so i just unroot and connect to lg and update to 2.2.1 version of andriod and it return like factory restore

before went to the store i just wanna see what happend now and boom

battery full all day i use like before normal use like before when it die in some hrs now its full all day

so nevermind about root and overclocking

i think vers 2.2.1 fix that battery drain
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