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lg optimus m

  1. G

    lg optimus m no 3g - no save any change in dfs how fix it pls?

    my optimus m no save any change in dfs how fix it pls? ver 2.2.2 lw690zv6
  2. I

    LG Optimus M, Android 2.2.2 - I can't root it

    GingerBreak doesn't work for shit. SuperOneClick doesn't work. z4root doesn't work king root doesn't work key root master(mod version) doesn't work Can I get some help here? metropcs by the way
  3. L

    Help signal bars

    Hi i am new here On my phone my signal bar ( reception bars) bars go from green to white .my data works on both When the signal bars are white doesn't that mean too many on the network (gsm) I had a cdma phone and it kept going to 1x everytime too many was on the network . Is it the same or...
  4. F

    Root ms690

    Well I rooted it, then I was getting rid of some apps that came with the phone and I think I may have accidentally deleted everything in the /apps folder. I know for sure LGHome or whatever is gone. I can't get into the settings menu. now my lg ms690 can only show camera and email, can someone...
  5. M

    Root Will the roms for this phone operate on the LG Optimus M+?

    I read on another site that they are basically the same phone inside, and one argentinian site actually had the Optimus Prime for the L7. A participant asked about Optimus line and another responded that basicaly they were the same phones. SO would the roms on this forum work on the M+. Wanted...
  6. andriodadmirer

    Root >>>>>>>o.d.rom***cm7.2****with P I E CONTROLS

  7. A

    Flash Optimus M?

    I have an old Optimus M from Metro that I no longer use. My brother has a prepaid Verizon flip-phone (it's sad. lol) I want to give him my Optimus and figured I could easily flash it over to Verizon prepaid service. I'm not having much luck finding out how to do this. Is it possible? And if so...
  8. Michaelfressh

    Root Have to use old optimus m

    Trying to up grade this lg optimus m for friend so he can use .. Where a links I need for cyanogenmod 7 and other stuff needed can anyone help?
  9. H

    Root how do i root ms695 LG optimus 2.3.6

    How do i root my Lg optimus ms695 metro phone running 2.3.6. I have been searching on the forums with no luck. I am trying to root my phone using my mac laptop. any help would be really appreciated as i am not a pro at this
  10. A

    Help I cant get past the andriod logo!! Help!

    ON my Metro Pcs lg optimus M, I cant get past the andriod logo in written letters! The light goes through it twice and on the third, it freezes! i've tried everything. Everything! Even brought a new battery, but it didnt help.
  11. Dsanity

    Is any body having any problems with youtube?

    I Have tried many roms the only rom i can get youtube to work on is kelso's...But I want Cm7 I can't figure this out...Plus Google play is really slow no matter what i do...
  12. Dsanity

    Root Cm-07

    this is not my rom.....I just can't believe it's not here yet..... Here ya go folks, a proper port of CM7 for the LG Optimus M. Donations are greatly appreciated, but are not required!! Author: PlayfulGod Developers: PlayfulGod and BobZhome Current Version: 10182011 Description: CM7 port...
  13. Dsanity

    Root Youtube wont really work

    I installed sammyz 7.2 port did some bootanimation stuff YouTube takes for ever to start a video then keeps pausing .any help?
  14. Dsanity

    Root Need help with the bootanimatons

    I try to overwrite the file from the decepticon to the batman one and it says can't overwrite file is read only...NEED HELP! Edit: Also the Google play takes way to long to download stuff & i'm on a wifi connection..
  15. B

    Root Can't flash a recovery.... Any ideas?

    Started out with Backside CM7.2 rom, and cannibal open touch v2.0.2. The recovery would not flash KelsoMod RC2...... So i used an app called Recovery manager in attempt to flash back to an older recovery, and then flash Kelso's rom. ( I've used this app many times on this phone) I was...
  16. G

    Help missing media

    Weird. I have notice I have 2 pictures i took with my phone camera and now they are unknown format. So I can't look at them. Then I noticed that 99% of my music disappeared. I can dock with a PC and they are not seen Any ideas?
  17. F

    how to reinstall Lg Home.apk/Home selector.apk

    I have a LG Optimus MS690. When I was rooting it I downloaded a app called system app remover. Well I removed the LG Home.apk and Home Selector.apk. I tryed factory reset, but now it says wizard setup.apk not working and there is a black screen after that. How do I reinstall the LG home.apk and...
  18. L

    Root In need of a stock ROM

    I haven't been here in a long time and I imagine barely anyone else is either. I'm having an issue since finding my old optimus m and wanting to reactivate it to metro (for my mom). It's still on CM7 (I beleive its Reppard's) I am wondering if anyone has a stock rooted rom or at least a ROM...
  19. BrandonOptimus

    Is this dead?

    I want to know how many of you are still with the OM. I currently went from OM to G2 to s3 to N4. And now on my way for either a Motorola X or s4.
  20. J

    Root Help lg optimus m fast boot

    I correctly followed joneidy steps I believe but when im in the cmd part it shows this Fail data transfer unknown error, please help http://s1297.photobucket.com/user/jaymixvp/media/Untitled_zps3ae946da.png.html?sort=3&o=0 I think its because the files were for 2.2.1 and my optimus m was...
  21. T

    new or existing lgnpst up to date?

    is there a new or working lgnpst for lg optimus m ms690?, i have been looking all over and the links i have gone to are not available, is there an up to date lgnpst.exe download available?
  22. T

    Root stuck at lg logo

    hello all, i have just used cmd imulater to install joneidy recovery all went smooth but as i tried to enter recovery, it froze at the lg screen, i looked up how to solve this most of them told me to download lgnpst but im not sure if there is a certain one to download for opt m, if someone...
  23. 1

    Root Is There Another Way To Install A Rom?

    I Have A LG Optimus M (Used To Be Mine, But Gave It To My Cousin) And He Broke The Cover Where The SD Card /: Is There Another Way To Flash A Rom On This Phone?
  24. T

    Root LG Optimus M Hard Reset Didn't Work

    Hey AndroidForums users I'm new to this posting threads stuff but I have an LG Optimus M Android Phone and it was on 2.2.1 when I rooted it using gingerbreak , I installed an application called SystemApp Remover which can remove bloatware , while I was happily removing system apps I came across...
  25. O

    Root lost speaker audio after loading cyanogen mod 7 rom

    I just loaded this rom a day ago on Optimus m. I get no audio through the loudspeaker, the actual audio goes to the earphone speaker instead. I tried different roms and they all do that. Maybe there is a setting for this?! Thanks before hand.