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Froyo (2.2) Notification LED


Sep 25, 2010
I thank HTC for trying to take Blackberry's notification LED and implementing on our Desire
However, I have yet to find it useful because the LED light (other than battery indication) stops functioning after few minutes for missed calls, text msgs

I was hoping once they update it to 2.2, they would fix this problem.
Is there ANY way to make the LED lights stay on until I check it?
Also, are there any apps that can change the color of the LED light?
That's odd... I'm afraid I can't help with the first question, because mine does flash until I check whatever it's flashing about (at least, as far as I'm aware... Perhaps I've just always checked it too soon. I'll test tonight and get back to you).

As for the second question: The only app I've found that lets you change the LED colour is Handcent. Everything else I've tried gives the option, but doesn't actually work on the Desire. I don't know of any app that lets you change the LED colour for things like charging, email, reminders, and other general notifications.
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the stock led blinking function is not good on my desire other than the batt low one. for missed calls, it just shuts off after 1mt or so, i think.
handcent lets u change sms notfication colours. blue one is good.
I am using missed reminder also, but the colour options dont work in those.
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What's annoying me is that i've turned off LED notifications in the settings menu, but when receiving an email from gmail (suing gmail app) it still flashes. I've checked gmail settings and you can only change notifications for vibrate and noise, which i want on.
Anyone else noticed this and have a way to solve it?
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