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Funniest gamertag you have seen..

I_Ride_The_Short_Bus -seen in CS


<Da Dwed Piwat Wobbarts> (lol, say it in a deep voice... from the princess bride)


<--Just got pwned! (so when the death messages come up, and this guy gets killed it says *Player X (weapon) <--Just got pwned!*) in DOD

Id So Mana Tap That -seen on a mage in Guild Wars

Cuddly Death Kitten of D0000M!

... just to name a few
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stabbyMcstabber - This tag might not seem funny to most but for whatever reason, I was LMFAO when I saw this tag while in game.

rearbeefer - umm weird but worth a chuckle

Aimless Geezer - Guy told me his kids gave him that name because if he could actually aim hr would be dangerous.

CEO OF ENRON - Ok have to be honest, thats my 360 tag :p
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Very new to this thing, still learning about this game. This is a great thing that my friend recommended to me, I never getting involved with it but soon will be Thanks!

That's one long gamertag.. lol
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