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Futuristic multimedia artist




Dunno exactly how I got into Android, but when I needed a new phone I decided it was the best choice for me (after the Apple iPhone4 connection problems got known, and I discovered it was a bit too expensive to get one here in the Netherlands for me... ;)). I must say I am very positively surprised with the particular Samsung phone I eventually got.
Although I do hope there will be coming some more worthy games for Android in the coming time. Right now my 2nd generation iPod Touch still beats the games on my Android phone graphics-wise and everything... But it should only be a matter of time for this to change.. ;)

Also, since Im interested in new media, being enroled in the ArtScience curriculum at the Royal Acadamy of Arts in The Hague, Im also interested in the development part of Android, although for now Im mainly just looking around a bit and see what others are doing.. Sometimes in the future I hope to engage in developing some experimental software for Android myself through the use of openFrameworks, which Im now using mainly for audiovisual performances together with SuperCollider and Renoise and the likes (google into those things if you want to know what Im talking about, think all these platforms might be potentially fruitful for Android :))

Cheers, and maybe see you around ;)


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