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Root G+ issue on CM7

i have the weirdest problem that is kind of hard to explain but i will do my best here to explain it. IVe got CM7 installed along with the G+ app here it goes:
Everytime i install the G+ app a few hours will go by, and everything gets a FC on random apps not running, apps that are running, and google framework. I then have to go into my apps/sync area and uncheck everything, then go and stop/clear data in google framework, then delete my google contacts data, and uninstall G+. I then reboot the phone and then sync my gmail/contact/calender again. And everything will run fine with no issues ever. I have installed/uninstalled G+ countless times and know for a fact this is the app causing my phone to go all crazy with random FCs. I even went so far as to do a permissions fix in clockwork mod while the g+ app was installed but that didnt do anything whatsoever. Im wondering if anyone has had this issue using CM7 or any other ROM? Im also wondering if i can install the G+ app on an external SD card will resolve it? i havent tried that, but im seriously all out of ideas at this point. the G+ app is the only issues ive had. Its the oddest thing ive ever seen happen. :eek:
ANy info would be greatly appreciated! thanks!:cool:


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