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Root G.O.T team, nandroid backup... back to original sbf?


Dec 18, 2009
Hi. I've installed a 2.2 rom on my milestone using G.O.T
Unfortunately when I did my safe backup I chose just the system data and now it just hangs when I try to restore it on the starting motorola logo screen.

The rom itself works, so that wasn't a big problem.

The issue is that now I'd like to go back to my original 2.1 .sbf

I was wondering if it was safe to install the sbf normally, overlapping whatever's there, or will this cause some sort of conflict?

The 2.2 rom has a different radio frequency as my country's so the 3g signal is really weak when entering any kind of building... I'm hoping that restoring the original sbf will fix this. But I'm afraid that the rom changed system files that the sbf won't restore.

Could someone give me some insight please? ): Thanks.


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