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Help [Galaxy 5] Problems when (re)activating WiFi


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Sep 2, 2011
Guatemala City
I'm not sure if this is a Galaxy 5 exclusive issue or if it's something that happens to some other Android devices, but here it goes.

If I turn off WiFi and the turn it on, sometimes it refuses to turn on. I go to wireless settings and it says, under WiFi, error. The only way to make it right is by turning the phone off and on.

Is this the only way to solve it? Should I take it to my carrier to have it check it?
I believe this is a general issue that is happening and may/may not be related to phone/OS. There are a number of posts/apps available to fix WiFi issue that can help.

One thing though that I have found useful personally is to not let WiFi got to sleep.

Settings => Wireless & networks ==> Wi-Fi settings

Select advanced from the options menu.

Within the Wi-Fi sleep policy, set this to "never".
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