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galaxy a21 home screen slide


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Jan 3, 2013
i got the galaxy a21 from tracfone and i managed to get most of it set up like the lg k20 was. but i can't get the home screen or the apps screen to slide. on the lg if i swipe sideways the screens will just keep going i have 5 screens and when i ge the last one it will just be back to the first screen, and the same on the app's screens. so is it possible to get this to work on the a21? i have yet to find it. it i s not a deal-breaker but for me because i'm just so used to having that feature i miss having it. so does anyone happen to know if that can be done on the a21 or is that just a feature limited to the lg phones? i have a few lg phones and they all do it.

not with One UI. this is Samsung skin that they add to the android os. i'm not a fan of it. so all of my samsung devices i install Nova Launcher. i would recommend that you buy the Nova Launcher Prime. this is a key that you buy one time and it unlocks sooooooo much more customizations.

i have been using Nova for at least a decade now.....wow!!! thats a long time....LOL
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