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galaxy a21 issue


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Jan 3, 2013
I have the galaxy a21 and for the life of me i can't get it to save a number when i get a call that i want to block. i now have a life line so getting them is not a real big deal like it was with tracfone but i hate getting the dam scam calls so if i do not know the person i want to block every single call.

now the best i can do is write the number then navigate to settings and then to block calls and then enter the number and hit the plus sign to block them.

on my old lg k20 all i had to do was swipe the number left or right i forget now but then that showed the block number and then it was done.

on the a21 even when i see the number calling i do not get the option to even block it then i tried with the wife calling me to see how to figure it out. plus i have a message that says i blocked your number so don't call again and i do not have that option during a call like i had on the lg k20 phone.

so does any have an idea how to do this? one time i managed to get the number into some type of clipboard and then when i went to the blocked calls section and the blank number line i pressed that area and the copy-paste came up and i hit paste and the number pasted and that was easy but i can't even get that to work anymore. so if i can get that to work it would save lots of time and headaches.

could this issue be a tracfone phone issue? being that i got it from tracfone and as a tracfone, and then unlocked it for metro use. if so how can i get the phone to be a metro phone? can i reflash the firmware to make it a metro phone?

i did find out that anonymous numbers can't be blocked? but the numbers do show up in the call log so do anonymous numbers also show up in the call log? if so that may be why i can't copy those numbers to past in the block section and i have to enter them by hand?

any ideas thanks
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i do not see anything in that voicemail section that lets me block those. i have service provider voice mail number and notifications. in the notifications section i have alerts that is checked silent show as popup checked sound is default vibrate is off lock screen is show content selected and do not disturb is off
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