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Help Galaxy Note 10.1 Power issue


Aug 13, 2011
Hi All

I have said ill help a mate with a strange issue with his Note

No power when off mains
When connected to mains there is no battery sign, nothing?
Now and again when i press the power i get a empty battery sign with like a circle in the middle. Sometimes i see the charging symbol battery filling up blue.

It wont power on. I tried to do the power and volume up combo and i get message stating press down to reboot and up to continue. I press down and it goes the the screen with the android man in the screen and says downloading don't disconnect end point

But nothing happens, i tried to connect to Keis and it just says connecting forever. Now it wont power on at all, ive left it connected to the mains charger and USB just in case the mains charger is boned!

Any assistance is appreciated, seems like i have 2 issues, bad battery and bad/no Firmware.

Im trying get it back to the downloading screen and will try connecting to ODIN...but at present no power what so ever. Should the device turn on with the power connected even if the battery is bad...surely it will run from the mains power....i dont get it!?
Well, it seems like the battery is bad and quite possibly the charge port as well. It's hard to say because one can't replace the battery to know for sure which part is bad. I am assuming you are also using the OEM charger and cable that came with the Note 10.1? 2A charger? Did you leave it plugged to mains for a few minutes to put a charge in the battery before trying to turn on the Note 10.1?

USB ports on a computer will not provide adequate power to charge and use the Note 10.1. So trying to use ODIN and a low to non existent battery charge will certainly give a higher chance of bricking it.
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If you discharged the battery completely, a very bad mistake wth Li-Ion and Li-Pol batteries, you need to leave it charging for at least 12 hours and then if you are lucky it will charge up a bit and then wait again and it should recharge completely.

If you go into download mode, what are you expecting to happen? Nothing will, unless you start ODIN and try to flash something. Remember to have at least 70% battery charge before trying to flash as if it dies while flashing, you will be in trouble.
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