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Help Galaxy Note 8, no internet after update.

Hello, I'm having some trouble with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it's on MetroPCS by Tmobile. Last night there was a "System configuration update" and now today, I'm noticing that the mobile data is not working when off wifi.

The calls and text still work, but I can't access any apps or refresh email, load youtube etc...

I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice, I've been on the phone with metro most of the day and did the network refresh, restarted the phone, changed around APN settings.

The only change to the phone was that update last night.

Any advice on the next steps to take?
well other than a hard reset (which will trip FRP, so make sure you have your google info handy), it could be a hardware issue that coincidentally happened to occur right after the update. if a hard reset does not work and Metro could not figure out on their end......you might be SOL and will need to start looking for a new device.

i ditched my note 8 long time ago when the note 10+ came out. phones by design are meant to last 3-4 years. you will start to see more and more issues like this begin to happen more often. so maybe now is a good time to start thinking about upgrading your phone.
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