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Galaxy Note charging problem

Hi people, about a month ago my Galaxy Note started to give me some problems when charging. It only charged by pressing the cable on the charging port down. So I did some research and ended up changing the charging port with an Ebay one but the problem persisted... On top of the charging port is the speaker assembly, could that be the culprit? Help. :(
You USB port is done. It needs to be changed out. Luckily it's easy to do and "cheap".

Charge Connector Port USB Dteg Flex Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note i9220 N7000 TM | eBay

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Mine has the same problem. What I'm worried about, is that I've read reviews on Amazon UK that the usb replacement port modules are not Samsung original, and replacing them often stops the microphone working, and loses 3G signal...

Anybody know if this is because of incorrect installation, or because of using none-original modules? Any ideas where to get Samsung modules from?
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