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Help Galaxy Note Storage Problem

Hi Everyone,

I am having some problems with my samsung galaxy note. I have almost all of my apps moved to SD card by going to settings>storage>app and clicking move to sd card. I have a 32GB external memory card. The storage in my note is at follows:

Internal Storage: 530 MB of 1.97GB free
USB storage: 462 MB of 11.07GB free
SD card: 19.61GB of 29.32GB free


1. I believe I have been unable to move my apps to external storage. When I move them to sd card, they get moved to usb storage. Currently in usb storage the most space is taken by Misc. (8.09GB) and within Misc it displays external_sd 7.63 GB and other apps as having space on Misc.

2. Even though, when I unmount my sd card, all the apps I have moved on sd card (and which I suppose are on usb storage) display greyish icons and cannot be opened. When clicked, the error is 'app is not installed on phone'. If they are on usb storage, why does this happen?

3.I can no longer move apps to sd card. It says 'could not be moved'. I am supposing this is due to my usb storage which is almost full.

Pls note:

*I have moved all pdf files, photos, videos and music to external storage through My Files>copied these contents>moved to their respective folders in external_sd (located in my files)

*Deleted all caches

*My phone is not rooted. Its version is android 4.0.4

*Read many threads but non have been able to help me fix it

I can no longer access most of my apps which I moved to sd card. It shows a greyish icon and gives error 'not installed on phone'. When I restart my note, some of these apps become access able others can't. Cannot even use my camera.

Pls help me clear my usb storage. If its because my apps are actually installed on usb storage, how to move them to my card?

Abundantly Grateful for any help.


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