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Galaxy S4 Video Tips Series


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Feb 25, 2012
Hello all,

I am starting a series of videos that will focus on hints and tips for using the Galaxy S4 called Basics. These are (non-rooted phone) tips with each video around 1-2 minutes long and designed to focus on a single topic. So might be very obvious, some might be a little more advanced and others are neat little tricks and different approaches that you never knew existed.

I have previously done very successful videos on the Asus Transformer Prime (150 videos) and the Nexus 7 (100 videos). Here are a few videos just to give you a flavour of my work.

1: How to reorder notification buttons

2. Long press Notification Buttons

3. How to put Apps on Your Lockscreen

I hope you find them useful and I will certainly be adding more in the weeks/months to come ;)

Rob - vgjfelix
Just in case you're not sure to do this on an SG4: How to take a screenshot

Very nice. I'm enjoying your videos!

There is a second method that can be used to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S4. Enable "Palm Motion" under the "My Device" settings tab. You can then swipe your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot.

Here's a link to an article about it:

Samsung Galaxy S4: How to take a screenshot
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Thanks for the tutorials. Perhaps should make it a sticky topic, for S4 beginners.

I don't mean to cut steam on your afford. But for the future use, of other new S4 users, here is another great resource, of all the little things you might not know your S4 could do.

25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Hidden Features

Cheers, I'll probably use this as a source for making more videos to be honest :)
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