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Galaxy S7 Edge no longer connects to PC


Mar 25, 2022
I recently upgraded from an S7 Edge to an S20 + Ultra, both using Verizon. Before upgrading, I used Win10/Windows Media Player to update music files on the S7 with no issues. Since upgrading I have successfully update music files on the S20 using the same PC, same version of WMP, and same WIN10 operating system.

When I got the S20, I kept the S7, planning to continue using it as a music source in one of my cars that has aux input capabilities but no bluetooth. That still works. However, I recently added a bunch of new music to my collection, and want to update the files on the S7. I have been unable to do so.

I have set developer options on the S7 and checked that Media Transfer Protocol is set, Despite this, the PC recognizes only that a device has been connected, but not that it is a smart phone, and hence the S7 is not recognized as a device by WMP nor does it show up in Windows Explorer.

Is it possible that file transfer to the S7 is blocked because it is no longer under contract to Verizon?

If so, does anyone know a work around?




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