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Galaxy S8 - How to use Bixby Vision


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Jun 3, 2010
Another feature found inside the Camera app is Bixby Vision. Once activated, Bixby Vision can search for products online, discover new places nearby, or even translate foreign text simply by taking a photo of a place or object with the camera.

The Bixby Vision button can be found directly below the camera viewfinder, Once you've scanned something, you'll have 2 options: Image or Shopping.

Tapping Image will pull up image search results found online, while Shopping will pull up shopping results from Amazon.

There's also the menu option in the upper right corner. Tapping the 3-dot menu will allow you to access Bixby Vision's:
  • History -- Scanned results are saved and sorted by shopping, places, images, text, wines, and QR code.
  • Settings -- Configure what you'd like to show up in search results (shopping, images, places, wine) and additional options like the ability to save captured images.
You can also use Bixby Vision with photos you've already taken. Just open the Gallery app and when viewing a photo, tap the Bixby Vision button in the lower left. A glowing circle will appear in the middle of the photo and tapping it will take you to the scanning screen (with Image and Shopping options).
Bixby vision is an absolute joke. It hasn't identified a single item I've shown it. I showed it a Dell computer, the result was a tower fan. I showed it a box fan, could not identify it. It couldn't even recognize a can of soda with the label clear as day. Bixby is an abysmal failure all around.
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Bixby Vision for translating Rawks!
I manage a Small Machine Shop, and we deal with Honda and "sattalite" companies that make parts for them.

We often get prints with Japanese notes and most of the time no one knows what they mean. They have to get in contact with their counter parts in Japan - that can take a while!

I discovered Bixby Vision does a great job of translation even when a Print is pretty poor quality
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