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Help Galaxy S8 on Sprint, just updated now everything crashes

Please help. I have a Galaxy S8 on Sprint (now T mobile) that I just updated an hour ago or so. Now everything is crashing constantly. Waze, I heart radio, samsung email, google search, are the ones so far. I'm sure there are others I just haven't noticed yet. I've restarted of course, also tried uninstalling and re-installing apps. The apps work briefly, then force close/crash again.

Some apps seem to work, like netflix and google maps, gmail (at least when I briefly opened them for a minute - who knows, they might crash also). But i can't have half my apps not working.

My phone is unusable now please help!!! How can i roll back this update?
Instead of focusing on rolling back the update, you should pay attention to fixing your current stability/connectivity problem. Look forward, not behind.
All the apps you mentioned require online access, do these crashing issues happen with WiFi or mobile data (cellular), or both?

Just to clarify, this update was a monthly security update or was it indeed due to switching from Sprint to T-Mobile?
And if it was the switchover, your carrier presumably sent you a new SIM card and instructions on what to. Did you also have to alter your APN settings? Typically that's integral to the SIM and a minor T-Mobile update patch but if that didn't work out you might need to manually edit/alter the APN settings to work with T-Mobile's cellular service. Are now using T-Mobile specifically or a MVNO that used to use Sprint before T-Mobile bought them out. These are T-Mobile's but if your with a MVNO go to there web site instead:
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