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Help Galaxy S9 not connecting to 4G


May 11, 2013
Hi, hope someone can help because I am baffled.

Background info, I am in France on the network SFR, and we have excellent 4G signal in our area.

My wife bought a reconditioned Galxay S9 which is like new. And it functions pretty much as it should except for the fact it doesn't connect to 4G when out and about. I first discovered this because she wasn't receiving MMS messages and then it became apparent that she only had "E" internet via mobile data.

I searched google which came up with a few solutions, but they all involve going into a menu which this phone doesn't have. For example;

Open Settings app.
Tap Connections.
Tap Mobile networks.
Tap Network Mode.
Select the fastest available mode (LTE or 4G).
Restart the phone and check for the problem.

Great! Except when I tap on "Mobile networks", the only two options are "Roaming settings" and "Access Point Names".

So I tried a factory reset but that made no different.

I feel that the fact that a lot of options are missing in the "Connections/Mobile networks" menu might be a clue as to why I can't connect to 4G. But I haven't got any further.

Is there anything obvious I am missing? I have searched for hidden menu items etc but not come up with anything. Hope someone can help as this is driving me mad!

Thanks in advance...
What model I.D. is your wife's S9? It should be something like SM-G960F. Keep in mind not every Galaxy S9 is the exact same as another S9. Here's a guide on the variants:
The logic boards inside the different models will have different processors and different cellular radio chips. That second aspect 'could' be an issue in this instance. Every carrier service relies upon its own cellular network that will based on different frequencies/bands. So an American S9 variant will be compatible with the bands used here but not in Europe, or with only partial compatibility (carriers also use multiple bands with some being primary and some secondary, so there could be some partial compatibility -- i.e. works with the aging 3G but not 4G/LTE.
If her S9 is the correct, matching model, this site has more details on the bands that SFC uses:
If her S9 is not, that's going to be a problem. The cellular radio chip is soldered directly to the logic board. It's not interchangeable so there's a hardware-based incompatibility problem. Sometimes you simply need to change ROMs to fix the problem, but that only applies when the phone itself is compatible with the cellular network itself. A SIM card contains the user account data to authenticate with the cellular service, it does not determine what bands the phone works with. But again, if the phone is a matching model, try removing the SIM card and re-seat it into its socket. Another thing to try is manually create a new APN listing and manually enter the settings as indicated by SFC:
Be sure that APN is selected and reboot the phone, then see if that makes any difference.
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Thanks for your helpful response. I checked the first link against phone model, and it is the model for Europe (phew)!

I have already tried re-seating the SIM card. I will also try creating a new APN listing manually.

Coverage isn't the issue - I am on the same supplier and have 4G no problem. The signal is really strong here.

Do you have any ideas about the missing menu items? Is that a separate issue do you think?
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.....The missing menu items is a real puzzler...

Regarding the menu options, be aware that when you're Googling for answers you're going to see any number of relevant to misleading results. In any Android device there's a base Settings menu that's common for every Android device, but this can vary with each Android version. On top of that, there are often added alterations and modifications that a lot manufacturers and a lot of carriers that get applied to the Settings menus and sub-menus. Samsung opts to alter and brand their device's menus significantly, Motorola just a little, while Pixel phones are clean and just Android as is. So there's a lot of variations when it comes to what is or isn't going to be in any Settings menu, and when doing something like swapping SIM cards from different carriers can result in a menu alteration. The Settings menu is a direct reflection on the device you're using, not someone else's.
So when you click on a link to one of your search results, you have to be very vigilant about confirming it's something that applies to your phone, in this case a refurbed S9. Some people post articles that are clear and concise, while others are posting stuff based just on the device in front of them and are oblivious to the fact that not everyone out in the world has that same device running that same version of Android. So always be flexible when applying it to your own situation. Android is a really convoluted and diverse environment, with very few aspects that apply to 'every' phone.
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I think the S9 is meant to have the following menu items from what I can see;
  • Mobile networks
    • Data roaming slider On/Off
    • Network mode
    • Access Point Names
    • Network operators
This one only has Data roaming and Access Point Names.

I haven't been through the full menu list to see if there is anything else missing but will do. Do you think this is more a question to ask Samsung, rather than a Android based problem?
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