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I have had a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e for a few months and am irritated by how slow/unresponsive it is when it wakes up after not being used for a few hours. Seems like there must be something going on in the background gobbling up resources!

I have found a way round this in that if the first thing I do is "Close All" apps then seems to be OK, even if there are only 3-4 "standard" apps running, like Chrome, Email, Moon Reader.

First question......anybody any ideas how to fix this?

Second question.......are there any tools I can install to get a better idea of what the tablet is doing when it is so slow?

OK, Safe mode seems to perform fine.

Gone back to normal mode and have installed "Resource Monitor Mini", which shows RAM and CPU usage. When I wake up tablet then the CPU is running at 60-90% for a few minutes before settling down to 25-30%.

Suspect this is an issue and need something to help identify what is grabbing all this resource. Any suggestions?
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Have you looked in your device's settings? Look for "battery and device care". Check the stats for battery and memory. See if there are any apps eating up those stats. You can also optimize the phone as well. Or turn on auto optimization. For me I just optimize the phone periodically.
Thanks. Been in there but cannot see any information about what is using cpu. Am I missing something?
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