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Help Gallery and Picasa issues


Android Enthusiast
Apr 15, 2011
Ok so I've had my note 3 for a couple days now. It's everything I need, runs great, but there are those quirks about it that come from Samsung that I'm not happy about. One thing is when I want to put photos into an album from the regular pictures album, I'm having the hardest time doing that. I did figure out how to select them and everything but it says to drag to this spot on the screen but nothing will drag. So I got a different app that's easier to use. The other thing is that I don't have Picasa, nor do I want it, nor do I want it grabbing random photos from I guess my Google Drive account? And then placing them on my phone with no way to delete them. So there are my issues. Hopefully this is a simple fix. Otherwise I'm going to swap to the LG G3 since I just left the G2 to come to this phone.


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