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My gallery has 56GB data... If I clear this will it delete my photos and does anyone know why this is happening in the first place as all my photos vids etc are stored on SD card
Something isn't right. 56GB is absolutely huge and, excluding the external SD card, S4s don't have that much storage space.

There is a useful free tool called Disk Usage in the Play Store which I have found to be very helpful in working out what is really stored where. Unfortunately, identifying storage areas is a complete bugger's muddle on Android with different disks being given different names on different versions of Android and even in different applications on the same phone.

One word of caution is NOT to delete anything unless you are sure what you are doing. There have been several posts here about people inadvertently deleting photographs that they hadn't backed up.
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Good morning,
Can anyone tell me please how take away all the picture albums in my gallery in exception of the camera album? Meaning I don't want the What's up album, download album, Facebook album, and others in my gallery picture. I only want the pictures that I from my phone cameras in it. Thank you in advance!
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