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[GAME][FREE] World Art Puzzle


Apr 26, 2020
Hi All!

I'm delighted to introduce my first android game: World Art Puzzle

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.phonegap.afm


1 minute game play video:

Any feedback please! all ideas and suggestions were welcome.

Many thanks!

Some additional details:

World Art Puzzle is a classic 15-puzzle game that consists of a painting of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing.
You have to slide the tiles to reassemble a painting, by touching the block you want to move.

Game contains:
- 11 themed galleries with a total of over 300 paintings;
- 2 levels of difficulty: with 15 numbers (easy mode) and without numbers (hard mode);
- 43 achivements;
- 1 musical theme and 17 sounds;
- earn game's diamonds for every solved puzzle;
- diamonds can be spent on adding painting to collection or puzzle shuffling;
- added ability to delete a painting from collection;
- help system and detailed descriptions about paintings, genres and artists;
- the game is localized to English, Ukrainian and Russian languages;
Indeed it is cool. My daughter plays this with enthusiasm and I really like that she has such attractions because it is through such things that she develops intellectually and I even notice big differences in her thinking since she started with such games.
She likes a lot and greek letter crossword and when I tried it, I realized how hard it is and how proud I am of my daughter that at her age she manages to manage.
Do your children love things like that?
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