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Gameloft Labor Day Android giveaway

OK before anyone starts flaming me, this is totally legit and absolutely not stealing.

With that being said...

Gameloft is running a Labor Day special this weekend. If you like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, you can download one of their games within two hours of them announcing the title being given away on said websites. Sounds easy right? Well, for some reason, people are having compatibility issues with all sorts of different phones, high and low end. The 3D is no exception. Whenever you try to download their listed free app it says your device is not compatible and it just shows a list of their 3D titles. Well I've discovered a fix for this. After clicking the link from one of the social networking sites from your phone, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click where it says HTC Evo 3D. Just change your device name to Evo 4G and all should be well.

Also, they're selling all other games for only $.99 through Labor Day (in case you miss one of the games you really wanted for free). I've downloaded Dungeon Hunter free and purchased NOVA for $.99. If you're a gamer then don't miss this great deal. Even if you don't catch any of the free ones, you could still get any game you want for less than a buck. That's 80% off!

Good luck guys!
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