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Games stutter when screen is being touched


Mar 7, 2010
Ever since I bought my hero in December, I have had this problem where if I'm in a game, and it requires the screen to be touched, the game stutters. This happened when I had the stock 1.5. I needed to trade my hero for another when a lot of dust showed up under the screen, so Sprint gave me another one, only this one worked perfectly. No stuttering at all. So I decide to root it, and now it's running Aloysius, and the stuttering is back. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It happens in both the official and unofficial firmware. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. Games it does this in includes: Nesoid and snesoid, and Raging Thunder to name a few. These games worked perfectly to my shock when I got the new phone, as I originally thought it was just a hero problem. I even emailed the developer of Nesoid but he didn't know the cause. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
well there's an obvious solution to this: don't touch the screen :p

On a more serious note though, try clearing your cache, as it might be getting high and taking up your memory. Also, there might be something running in the background that could be using your processor at the same time...not sure. I don't play enough games to stress my phone at all
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Well I have 86M of memory free, and the cache is cleared, but still the stuttering. It doesn't happen in ALL games, but it's such a nuisance, you know? Especially when at one point it wasn't doing it. I even went back to my old nandroid backup and it still stutters. If anyone here knows what could be doing this, please let me know. Any searches online I've done on the subject just send me to pages about the Hero's release, lol.
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