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Root GB with S-OFF, any confirmation on result, and best way to do?


Jul 29, 2011
I'm running Liberation v1.1 and used unrevoked3 to root the phone. I looked in hboot and see that my phone is S-OFF (not sure how cause I don't think I did unrevoked forever, just downloaded the app and rooted away).

Please be gentle as I'm a complete newbie to this, but I see people posting that if I'm with S-OFF, it is safe to install the GB update OTA, and if I decide it is not for me, I can go back and use Liberation v1.1? Is this accurate?

If so, what is the safest means of achieving this? I read somewhere to load the stock Froyo 2.2 and then do the 2.3.4 update... but I'm lost on the best means of doing this and keeping S-OFF if this allows me to revert back.

Thanks for guidance in advance :)
Ok cool! BTW, out of curiosity what bugs are there with the OTA update vs Liberation 2.0? I was kinda thinking 2.0 had some quirks that the OTA was solid on.

Medion would probably be able to answer this better, but I know the official OTA shows your phone as having the wrong screen size and the market thinks you are on a sprint phone (in other words an Evo).
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