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Getting annoyed with refurbs


Apr 10, 2010
I had my original Incredible for several months until the optical trackpad geeked out making the phone unusable.

I got a replacement that would not connect to wireless networks correctly.

It's replacement rebooted instantly, or at minimum one minute into the os loading.

IT'S replacement will not get a GPS lock. I went on a mile and a half run today and the result of the run placed me everywhere in the city... apparently I'm quite the athlete!!

So tomorrow I'm calling to get ANOTHER replacement. *sigh* I'm going to ask for a straight replacement of a different phone, I don' want to deal with upgrades or anything, I'm getting somewhat annoyed.
I've had horrible luck with refurbs, including multiple units that don't work while still in the shop. Because of this, I only consider getting a replacement if the problem is so severe that I can't live with it until the next upgrade discount. Otherwise, the cure can be worse than the disease.

In the Driod 2 forum, one poor sole is on their 11th unit: http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid-2/223376-my-10th-phone-mail.html
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I've gone through 10 already. The even sent me an LCD thinking I wouldnt notice so I'm not sure if that counts as one of the 10. I guess her intentions were good cause I kept having issues but I don't want one of those. It didnt look as good side by side with my AMOLED.

Anyway, I wouldn't switch phones unless it was for a Thunderbolt. I finally (knock on wood) got one that works very well.
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I've seen a couple "I'm on my 6th, I'm on my 10th" but aside from getting shipped LCD - you guys aren't actually saying what went wrong 6-10 times.

Care to explain?

Obviously something was wrong if we had to go through the trouble of sending them back. But since you're so curious

1st: No Root and lots of FCs even after factory restores
2nd: Pink hue
3rd-6th: Speaker going out
7th and 8th: Earpiece went out
9th: SLCD not AMOLED
10th:pink hue
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The girl at Verizon was only trying to help but she didnt ask my opinion thinking I was naive and didnt know the difference between the phones. She sent out the SLCD and I knew to check the numbers on the back since my first replacement. I saw it was the SLCD and figured I'd give it a shot. Booted both phones up and loaded a picture on both with full brightness. Colors looked vivid and amazing on the SLCD and the screen was much brighter but the blacks where a dark gray rather than black and the AMOLED looked deep and dark.

Needless to say I called Verizon and had them overnight me an AMOLED one again hoping it be better than the others. Luckily I got this most recent one (knock on wood) that seems to be running perfect. I just told them the problem with me buying an AMOLED Incredible and I was sent an SLCD. They didnt know what I was talking about and only thought there was one kind of Inc. After they looked into it they said no problem and sorry for sending me the wrong one. Easy process.

Also, keep an eye out on the back speaker cover. They've recently been changing them out. My first phones had a thin piece covering the speaker and was really easy to see through. Those speakers went out all the time for me. The more recent ones have a thicker layer over them and its harder to see through. No speaker problems at all with them.
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