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Getting My Hero tonight, need your opinion.


Android Enthusiast
Dec 14, 2009
Fenton, MI.
I'm picking my phone up from Best Buy tonight and had acouple of questions. I am considering having BB install an IS screen cover, but have heard the screen is pretty scratch resistant. The thing is I am a mechanic and my phone never leaves my side and I don't want any harm coming to it. I also plan on getting the Seidio Innocase combo once I recover from the money I spend on the phone. Oh yeah, how does everyone feel about the Best Buy insurance as apposed to Sprint?

Personally I don't get insurance as I never own a phone long enough to matter. The advantage to Best Buy insurance is that you get a NEW phone for free. Sprint insurance you have to pay a deductable (I believe $100) and you only get a refurbished phone.

Since you are a mechanic you should have NO problem installing a screen protector, I would definitely recommend one if for no other reason then to keep excessive dirt, grime, oil, etc off of the screen (trust me, you don't want to touch the screen when your hands are covered in grease and sludge). The screen is indeed pretty scratch resistant on it's own though.

I've heard the Innocase is good but personally don't like cases on my phones so I have no input.

Best of luck!
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