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Getting rid of home screen icons


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May 9, 2017
I have been trying to do that with the Samsung Z fold 3. It will not allow it, I guess. When I press and hold an icon, it does show the remove option, but I cannot drag it there, and I cannot force it to open, even with both hands. The most I can do is move it around on the screen. Ideally I would trash most of those apps, too, but at least no icons at "home" would, I hope, mean that I wouldn't get those annoying messages when I'm trying to do something else. Not being able to connect to Bixby is the worst. I mean the message. I don't care about Bixby. I don't want it. There are maybe 3 separate Bixby apps lying that they"need" all those permissions. I wish I could shut that down entirely. I am trying my best to use this thing as a camera only (and gallery, of course). I recently went through and disabled just about everything I could except those. Is there any more I can do about it without rooting?
i would first recommend that you switch to a different launcher. Nova is the one i recommend. its way better than OneUI which is samsung's launcher that you are using. whats cool with nova is it makes it easier to add or delete shortcuts. it allows you to organize them. you can even group them into one big group. most of this though requires that purchase the Nova Prime key which is a one time fee of $10 to unlock most of the advanced customizations.....but it is so worth it. been using this on all of my phones and devices.

not sure why you can't delete icons. why can't you drag it? what happens? error? nothing?
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What happened was essentially nothing. I wish I could show what I mean. When I try to grab an icon and pull it to the remove trash can, it sort of slides around, the part with the trash can disappears, and the icon is still there, just in a different place on the screen. It reminds me of whack a mole. Is there a way I could get Nova on a different device and somehow transfer it to the Z3? It isn't connected to anything, not even wifi, which I like because it keeps the googoo crap, updates, etc. to a minimum. If I tried to set it up I would probably have to deal with googoo interference.
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Ok, I figured out how. For the benefit of posterity, here is the way. Long press/press and hold an icon. When it gets jiggly, look for the little menu with the remove trash can. Press that and icon begone without having to chase it all over the screen. I now have only the camera one.
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