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Root Getting rid of Virgin apps


May 18, 2011
FYI, I haven't seen this posted anywhere, sorry if it's redundant.

I discovered that after using Gingerbreak and App2SD if I install the updates to the Twidroyd, Virgin Live etc. and then uninstall the updates then I can uninstall all of the Virgin apps. Not that they take up a lot of room, but they are annoying. I had been under the impression that you needed to install a new ROM to get rid of them, this has not been the case for me.

***Please don't remove any of the Android apps and do this at your own risk***
This is posted in a number of threads in the all things root forum where this thread belongs.

You don't need a non-stock rom, just root access. I used Titanium Backup and froze the Virgin Apps I didn't want to keep running.

I used to use BloatFreezer to freeze the bloatware. After I discovered I could remove them, I took the risk and used System Toolbox to remove them. I have not had any issues yet. But like the OP said, removing them can cause issues, so do so at your own risk.
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