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Getting the TF300! Recommendations?

Well I just ordered myself a TF300 and it should be here today most likely or tomorrow. So I wanted to hear your guys recommendations! :)

Like Top Apps needed, ROMs that may be out for this tablet, etc?
I know this tablet got Android 4.2 (Wow, for a tablet you can get $240 or less, used on eBay)

Especially some Tips. I know about Android specs, Android OS's, Rooting, ROMs, I can get myself around most of that. So of course when I get it, Root time!

Any ROMs that are made that look epic?

I do know I will be doing a unboxing + review of this on my channel (NexoReview, my review channel on YT) so if you want to see that when it ever is made/uploaded, subscribe and stay tuned :D

But literally to the point, I want to know a few examples

1.Battery life time with YouTube on max brightness
2. Gaming performance
3. Your recommended free apps
4. Recommended paid apps
5. Top ROM/Theme for this device (if made)
6. Your top tips for this device
and anything else you know! :D

I like others opinions and I respect them, even if I don't like something, I try it out so be yourself and say anything you really want..... So if you see/read this. REPLY.

Banana. :p


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