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Help Ginger bread on Samsung Captivate WITHOUT AT&T


read the thread on flashing CWM to a phone with official 2.3

from there flashing CM7 is simple... your phone will be faster both in general responsiveness and data speeds (official crap gimps the modem)

I just wanted to say, that I bit the bullet and put the latest CM9 ICS 4.0.4 on my captivate, and wow! This phone has new life all over again! Everything works well, too....GPS is instant, even indoors, wifi seems better, and battery life has improved on my end, although...I do need to recalibrate my battery. I was on CornKernel Gingerbread, updated through CWM...BUT...you have to take out any external SD card in order for it to flash properly. I suggest giving it a try! ;)
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