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Root Ginger Villain tap to focus in cam?


Android Expert
Nov 22, 2010
well I've done it after hours of REALLY REALLY stupid pissing about with the phone (sorry again dan) I've got Ginger Villain 1.0 on now..

I really like what I see at first....the only thing that im not liking and im not sure if its just me or in general...theres no tap to focus anymore in the camera app...is this normal?
hey dont worry about it.

erm, not sure actually. im not much of a picture taker myself. i think in settings it defaults to autofocus.

just turned autofocus off to see if it gives manual control and still nothing...bit of a shame really if its missing because its a pig if you want to do self pics or something and really needed the larger screen as theres no dedicated camera button...

I find trying to use the trackpad a cow at times to use...and the lil on screen cam is hit and miss if you get it lol

No, it's not there right now. The camera in DeFroST had more features, so I've always assumed that was the CM camera, and that would return at some point. But note the word "assumed". Don't know whether the camera in CM7 has this.

I kinda hope it gets the update...as I do use the camera a bit...and this one is well a lil ugly too....I loved the fullscreen and pop out menu on the stock sense and leedroid ROMS...kinda not liking this one...

it might be the thing that actually sways me back to leedroid really...as small as that sounds..
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Yeah just looked myself and most the settings from defrost aren't there, but the camera is currently running off a hack anyway

what other settings are missing?

also is the defrost cam better looking? as Im sorry but the ginger one is ugly as sin...I know its vanilla android and everything is basic...but damn man the camera app looks ugly...its that grey boxy feel that is bleh! lol
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I can't remember, there were just more settings. Don't really use the camera so couldn't say what.

Defrost camera looks the same. In defrost 6.1 the camera is.much better than the sense one

im torn then if the cam gets updated to the defrost one.....torn between features and its ugly ass interface or the sense one lol...
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Once you get launcherpro on the case, its a pretty crisp interface. And the themes in theme manager are cool aswell.

However, its not for everyone.

actually apart from the camera thing im in love with it...no sense stuff..

though im a lil confused bout the dialer though...when I first booted it would go straight the dial pad in launcher NOT launcher pro...but after I had a call it now refused to go to the dialer straight away...I've even cleared my call history in hopes to kick it back straight to the dial pad when you launch phone...

am I missing a setting or just going crazy? lol
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Can't see one, ive been looking.

I honestly thought there was one but cannot find.

Only othe roption at this point is clear cache / data. of course you'd have to back stuff up before doing that

ah bugger that...I've had enough of wiping things for today....I can easily just click one thing to the left when I hit the phone lol....its not a major thing...just a lil annoying...

whats actually very weird..is sms unread count actually calls the dialer properly lol

talk about sticking the knife in a twisting it a lil lol
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Hmmm, if I untick "return to dialler after call" it goes back to "call log".

Try setting this option and making a call (even yourself) and see if that changes it.

oh your good....that did the job just fine Dan....now it goes to dialer...

right...now just to wait for camera update....ok MAYBE not the look of it...but at least tap to focus and take picture...its still bloody useful for a phone with no damn key...lol
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