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Gingerbread/Sense 2.1


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Mar 19, 2011
I'm pretty sure the Thunderbolt shipped with Sense 2.0. Froyo.Has anyone noticed the new clock widget with the facebook updates? This is Sense 2.1 yes? Have one more Question Thunderbolt fam. Is there an app that will allow the whole ringtone to play when receiving a call? Thanks in advance my people. One...
I use Mp3s as well, but it seems they only last for only 15-30 secs. Is there anyway to get@least an minute or two?

So I did a an impromptu test. Rang myself and after <15sec voice mail picked up, and my ring tone ended.

Which is exactly what I would expect to happen since the connection is made to voice mail.

So what exactly is it that do you want the phone to do?
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Ring longer to not have so many missed calls.

The only way to do that, from the sounds of what's happening, is to make it so your voicemail doesn't pick up sooner. I believe (and this is going on something a while back, so times may have changed), that you MIGHT be able to call into customer service, and have them adjust the number of rings before your voicemail picks up. I remember having that happen for a customer years ago, but things may have changed since them.

But wouldn't hurt to call in, ask if there's a way to change it. The voice mail menu as of right now (at least for me here in the NE) doesn't have that as a user-changable option, but CS may have a way.
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