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Help Gio Keeps Restarting/Shutting off/Freezing. Please help!


Apr 11, 2012
Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, and I'm not sure where else to turn for answers. About 4 months ago I upgraded from my old LG Rumor to a samsung galaxy gio (Solo gave me it for free if I signed back up with them, figured why not - free smart phone? Cool!)...unfortunately, I've been having nothing but problems since I got it.

Problems include:
  • Random Restarts
  • Random Shut Downs
  • Random Freezes
  • Super-delayed Reaction (taking 20-30 seconds for a command to go through)

To fix any of this, I have to remove the battery, put it back in, then turn the phone on. If I try to turn the phone on via the power button after a shutdown, nothing happens. If I leave the phone alone after its done a random restart, it gets stuck in a "restart" loop (continuously restarts, until I remove the battery, or the battery dies [happened once during a movie, phone restarted about 45 times until it ran out of power])

I originally figured there was something wrong with the phone, so I took it back to the seller, and we sent it in for repairs. I got it back 4 days ago, and they said they fixed a whole bunch of stuff and everything should be good now.

Right? Wrong.

Nothing has changed. If it happened once a week or so, I wouldn't mind - I could live with a little annoyance. Unfortunately, it's happening about 15-30 times a day. And to make it worse, it seems that I don't receive texts that would normally come through if my phone is stuck in one of these loops or shutdowns (friends show me their phones as reference, and they send the texts, but I never receive them).

I've looked online for related issues, and it seems that a lot of people are experiencing this. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a sure fix for it.

Some said to download "Android Booster" app. Got it, didn't help. Another suggested "Wifi Manager" app. Again, no change. Someone said he just switched his background image to a blank black screen, figured I would try it (getting desperate) and still nothing. A few people said to disable "Use Packet Data", I tried this - and still no change.

I don't know what information might help in solving this problem, but my phone is 100% empty of data. I don't have any music on it, no pictures, no videos, no apps (except for a few that come with the phone)

Im on android 2.3.4, build GINGERBREAD.MUGKG3 if that helps at all. Unfortunately, I know very little about android, or smart phones at all. I tried updating my phone via Samsung Kies, but it says my device does not support software updating via Kies.

Is anyone able to offer some help, please? Any idea what the heck is going on?

Thanks :)
Its because the firmware is not stable enough. Had same problem. If samsung doesnt do anything then try this: first root the firmware, (update.zip works like a charm), then install Clockworkmod recovery (search with google for version Its the best i think), then put a rom in the root of your sd card and flash it (look at the roms page for guide), i think cyanogenmod7 is the best (By Phiexz)
Youre welcome!
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