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Help Gmail app name appear in uppercase

Instead of showing 'Gmail' under Gmail icon in my launcher, I see a 'GMAIL' all in uppercase. I don't know why because my girfriend have the exact same phone, but for her, the icon is fine.

Well, I know it's only visual, but if someone have I idea why I have this problem or simply know a solution. :thinking:

BTW, I'm on KitKat 4.4.2

Thank you
The APK is on the ROM, so I don't see how it could be corrupted on a locked (and unmodified) device. A factory reset would almost certainly fix whatever is wrong but would also remove all user data from the phone so it's a last resort.

You could try clearing the Launcher cache from settings>apps>all>Launcher and see if that helps. If not do the same but for Launcher data. After that... well, zap with a factory reset.

Or you could always just learn to live with GMAIL shouting at you :)
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