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Help GMail App Question (making Gmail shortcuts in Launcher Pro)


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Nov 30, 2009
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OK, I am trying to help my buddy set up his new EVO 3D, he wants to use Launcher Pro, so I set most of his phone up, there is one thing he is trying to get done and I have tried many ways to get it to work, but still no go. He wants to use the GMAIL app to open multiple account when he creates a shortcut for each on his home screen, meaning if he has 3 accounts, he wants all 3 accounts to have there own name on the screen and when he taps it will open only that account, I am not sure that can be done with that app, I know in sense you can create different inbox ones, but LP does not offer sense options. without using a different email client, he wants to be able to use that app, can this be done, and if yes can someone explain how to do so, I will post the app in question incase others are curious.

And also for each to be able to have there own different notification and unread count
I even tried the native app for him and that does not show the unread count on the screen, which is useless with his 3 accounts, meaning he has to slide the status bar down to see which account to open up that have mail, because it does not so on the screen icon, I know Gmail had an unread count app, but looks like that no longer works anymore.
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That is correct, I was able to do so with the native apps, like K9 or the other one that comes with our phone, the only thing I cannot get to work for him in LP is the unread count, that works for sense on the the one that comes with our phone but not the K9, I will look into trying to develop one, this is crazy that this cannot be done, if I can find sometime I will research this more. ;)

yeah ive got 3 gmail accounts and there is no way to add shortcuts for each in the stock sense. i would imagine this is the same for launcher pro since it too uses just shortcuts no?
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