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Gmail has stopped syncing with Moto G7!


May 17, 2021
Recently my Gmail has ceased to sync with my Moto G7 Android phone. I went to the Storage section of the settings as directed in another post which stated that no data would be lost if I cleared the storage.

HOWEVER, when you click on Clear Storage in the settings on Android, the following message appears:

"Delete app data?
All this apps data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc."

So how could the prior post (which is dated 4/20/2016) possibly be correct saying that nothing will be deleted? I'm very confused. Thanks in advance for your assistance in clearing this up.
Storage relates to data being written and retained in the internal storage media of your device.
Email syncing relates to the email app on your device actively interacting with your online email servers.
The two are only inter-related in that your email app is stored on your phone, as is its related data, but your insistence there's more than that is unfounded. Clearing your email app's data will remove all the retained settings and configuration data, essentially returning the app to its original, unused state. You then need to re-enter all your email log in info since it was wiped.
In this instance, I'd focus more on the actual problem instead, why your email app stopped syncing with your online email service. That's often an issue with your online connectivity (WiFi and/or mobile data), or an authentication issue (i.e. change of the account password or implementing 2FA), or if for some reason syncing was disabled in the Settings >> Accounts >> Google menu.)
Have you using a web browser app and logging into your account by going to https://mail.google.com to confirm there's not any online-related issues?
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