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Gmail Notifications


Nov 23, 2009
Is there a way that instead of having notifications for a new email arrival showing up in my notifications panel, it instead comes up as a different gmail icon or something? I'm not sure why, but I get annoyed at the fact that I have to click on my notification bar and then click on the email inside of there as well. Just wanting to take a step out of the way. Obviously I can turn off the notification panel for Gmail, but then how will I know when I have new email other than just clicking on the gmail icon?

Thanks, guys!!!
It may be more than you're looking for, but you may want to check out our Executive Assistant app (Executive Assistant (was a finalist in Android Developers Challenge 2) (Appventive)). It provides a preview of unread gmail messages (plus, upcoming calendar events, missed calls, SMS messages and RSS feeds). Use as a lock screen, welcome screen, or homescreen widget.

Available as a free, ad-supported version, or as a paid, ad-free version. Just search for Appventive in the Market or scan the qr code in my profile to find.

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Seems like it's quite a bit more than I want, but would be willing to check it out. Is there a trial version that I could upgrade to if I liked it?

Cool -- if you do give it a try, please let me know what you think. Yes, if you like the free adware version, you can definitely upgrade to the pay version (currently just $1.99). Its the same as the free version, only without the ads.

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