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Help GO Contact Sync Problems


May 13, 2010
I have given up on HTC ever releasing a quality sync program so I have decided on a different route. I have my calendar syncing with Google Calendar and Google's sync app which is automatic and works great. I am using Evernote for my notes which also works well.

The only issue I am having now is syncing my contacts. The HTC Incredible syncs automatically with Google so no problem there but I cannot get Outlook contacts to sync with my Google contacts. If I could do this I would be home free.

I downloaded and tried a program that it seems alot of people are using but I can't get it to work. The program is called GOContact Sync and I installed it and it seems to run but I get the following errors:

No match found for outlook contact
Warning: Invalid outlook contact (Contact Name) Skipping

So the program goes through my entire contact list and skips everyone either because it thinks it is invalid or because it finds no match... I'm not sure what would be invalid as I have been sucessfull syncing these contacts with the phone when I can get the HTC Sync to work. Also, I'm not sure what match it is trying to do as a sync is supposed to make the contacts the same on both the comp and Google... if there is no match it should add it, not skip it.

Can anyone help?



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