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Help go contacts ex(facebook contacts)


Feb 22, 2011
i upgraded yesterday to ICS.did a factory reset down to too many widgets not lodaing and it needed a bit of a spring clean.

I put go launcher and go contacts ex back on but my facebook contacts are not showing.
ive ticked the option to display them but its only showing my google contacts.
im sure they were showing before.....
anyone any ideas??
Ok I checked my contacts again thoroughly and discovered that in my goContacts app also the facebook contacts are not being displayed.
Sorry I didn't notice before because of too many accounts in my contacts.

Looks like it's a universal issue.
I have reported the issue to the goContacts team, I would ask you to do the same.
Let's hope they release an update soon.
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It's not just goContacts that won't display Facebook contacts, I've tried a number of other dialer/contacts apps and they all have the same problem.

OK it makes more sense now.
A similar issue is with third party SMS applications not displaying contact photos. Looks like post ICS update some contacts API has been majorly altered. We will have to wait till the app developers can fix this issue.

Just so that the developers take notice of the issue, I request all users to report the problem to them via the app or via mail.
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