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Go Launcher acting up since upgrade to 2.2?

Has anyone run into this happening, not sure if it's a bug or just my phone. Preface with what I have-Samsung Vibrant with Android 2.1.
I've been using Go Launcher for about 3 weeks, everything works fine. Today I updated to 2.2 using mini Kies (samsung updating software).

Everything is fine, so I reloaded Go Launcher, seems to be working fine. I turn the phone off and later when I turn it back on, some of my screens are messed up, like widgets overlayed on other ones and widgets moved to different screens. I thought weird, so I fixed my screens thought I'd try powering off and on again to see if it happened again. It happens again! Messed up screens-but only the widgets get screwed up.

Happen to anyone else?


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