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Root Goldcard & Root Question


May 17, 2010
I had to make a goldcard to root my phone, installed slidevillain and all is very well. Now, do i have to keep this same sd card in my phone now that the rooting deed is done? or can upgrade? its only the 2gb og card that came with the unit and i need a bigger one for mp3s.
you dont need the gold card again .. once your rooted your rooted..

now that the phone is rooted and your goldcard is proven working, maybe youd like to sell it on.. as a working gold card.. if you do tell me how much you want for it and ill paypall you the cash..

ive been trying to make a goldcard for my friend ray at work and both the sd cards i tried with wouldnt work... so we desided that buying a known working gold card was the next step..

my mobile is 07832936641 simon

p.s. id really apreciate this cos he's starting to do my head in a bit :0) just kidding ray....

as far as roms go i can recomend villain 6 its fast and stable and the next few days should see most of the bugs ironed out..
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